The Weather and Internet Bingo

Summer is almost over and the days are getting shorter and cooler. The kids will be going back to school and millions of stay at home moms will have more time to play internet bingo. Usually summer is a slow season for online bingo operators but this year was an exception. There was a royal wedding followed by the 2012 London Olympic Games. Just about every internet bingo operator had special promotions and bonuses related to both events.

Bingo operators have known for years that the weather and temperatures outdoors affect the industry. Two winters ago a series of severe arctic storms hit Great Britain making travel and most activities impossible. Just about every UK internet bingo operator reported record player numbers which contributed to record first quarter profits for most. Renown bingo expert Phil Fraser describes the effect weather can have on the bingo industry-“There are no real seasonal factors per se in online bingo. However, good weather means people are outside more, and therefore on their PCs less, meaning less play in online bingo. The Late Spring hot spell we saw in the UK saw player numbers drop, whilst the recent ‘monsoon season’ has seen player numbers return. It is player lifestyle that has the biggest impact on player numbers with weekends tending to see a dip in players, as do ‘school run’ times.”

The weather phenomenon is peculiar to bingo because of the ‘housewife effect.’ Most other forms of gaming do not rely on housewives and their effect in other forms of gaming is far less. Fall is now here and bingo operators are gearing up for the usual busy fall and winter seasons. There will be more bonuses and promotions and most large operators will increase the number of television ads they broadcast. Earlier this summer BingoPort published a report of compiled data that revealed that there is a direct correlation between the weather and player activity in the UK.

The most telling piece of data showed that throughout May the warmest day was recorded on the 27th. On that day only 289,000 UK residents played online bingo. On May 4th temperatures only hit 9.6 degrees Celsius but statistics showed that on the coldest day of the month the estimated number of online bingo players was about 400,000. Although no one can really predict the future internet bingo operators are most likely hoping for a long cold winter.