Bingo Superstitions and Luck

Just about every bingo player knows someone that seems to win all the time no matter how often they play or how many cards they play. ‘Luck’ cannot be explained and is something no computer has ever been able to figure out. Many players have bingo superstitions and are certain that some objects and rituals will bring them luck. Bingo superstitions are no different than most superstitions but in a bingo hall they are very noticeable.

A study done by Professor Mark Griffiths, the Professor of Gambling Studies at the International Gaming Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University had some interesting results. Griffiths surveyed 400 bingo players and found that 81% of the players surveyed had at least one superstition. Many bingo players believed in commonly held superstitions.

49% said they would not open an umbrella indoors.
55% will not walk under ladders.
60% said they would not put new shoes on a table.
50% believed in touching wood for luck.
50% will not pass another person on stairs.

When it came to bingo superstitions the percentage of believers was much less. Only 10% of the bingo players said they had superstitions while gambling or playing bingo. 13% said that they ‘sometimes’ have superstitions while playing bingo or gambling.

5% said they had a lucky night of the week to play bingo.
4% said they had a lucky bingo friend.
6% said they had a lucky mascot which would account for the number of stuffed animals seen in bingo clubs.
21% said they had a lucky seat. There have been many arguments in bingo halls when a player finds their usual lucky seat occupied.
13% said they believed in lucky and unlucky numbers.
29% said they had changed daubers to improve their prospects of winning.

Those that go to a bingo hall to gamble are in the wrong place. Bingo is a totally random game of chance and the house has the edge. A bingo hall that returns 60% of the money taken in to players in the form of prizes keeps 40% of all the money wagered. The fixed mathematical edge means the bingo hall will always make a profit. Most bingo superstitions are harmless and can actually add to the entertainment at bingo games. At most bingo halls players will see a wide assortment of troll dolls, four-leaf-clover key chains, rabbit’s feet, dice and many others. Some internet bingo players still use lucky charms while playing at home. Whether superstitions work is in the mind of the believer and most are harmless fun.