Internet Bingo For Beginners

If you are new to the world of internet bingo you may want to do a little bit of research before committing to any bingo site. If you are in the UK 90 ball bingo is the dominant game and if you live in the United States or Canada chances are you are familiar with 75 ball games. In the UK bingo is played on ‘tickets’ that contain 15 random numbers from 1 through 90. The ticket has a 3X9 grid pattern. There are three ways to win playing 90 ball bingo; one line, two lines or a ‘full house.’ Be sure to look for progressive jackpot games because they usually have the highest jackpots. Most internet bingo sites offer both 90 and 75 ball games. 75 ball cards have a 5X5 grid and the letters B-I-N-G-O appear at the top of the card. There is a free space in the center. 75 ball games are played using a wide variety of card patterns in addition to the usual horizontal, vertical and diagonal patterns.

Today most internet bingo sites use flash technology so no downloads are required. To play at most sites you will be asked to provide some personal details. Be sure to check the site’s terms and conditions and wagering requirements. Registration is usually free and you will have to give the site your name, address, email address. You will also be asked to select a username and choose a password. You will probably receive a confirmation email. At some sites you can play free bingo games once you have registered. This is a great way to check out the site’s game software without any risk. You will also be able to fund your account. If you live in the UK this will be easy and most bingo sites accept major credit cards and online payment processors. If you live in the US funding your account may be tricky thanks to federal laws. Pre-paid credit cards are a good solution along with some online payment processors. You should be aware that most payment processors will not handle gambling transactions from the US.

You are now ready to log in and play. Of course you will need your username and password. To play go to the bingo games page and select a game. Be sure to check the starting time for the games you want to play. The variety of bingo games will have different card prices and jackpots and these are clearly listed on the games page. When the game begins the caller will announce the numbers. If you are playing several cards at once you may want to take advantage of the auto daub feature available at most bingo sites. If you win click on the ‘claim’ button.

Just like live bingo games internet bingo games have their social side. Most games have a chat room and when you log into a game the chat leader will welcome you to the game. The chat feature allows players to communicate with each other and is one of the most popular online bingo features. You will probably make new friends very quickly. It is a good idea to read about chat room etiquette before jumping in. You will now be able to win some serious cash so good luck!