No Deposit Bonuses Still Popular

Thanks to intense competition in the industry online bingo players have never had it so good. Bonuses are bigger than ever and jackpots have never been higher. At many online bingo sites no deposit bonuses are still available. The bingo industry has evolved over time but bonuses are still a mainstay in the online bingo industry. Giving players ‘free’ money has been a valuable marketing tool for online bingo operators. To retain players most operators have added re-deposit bonuses and cash back offers. Today the competition is so intense operators are going crazy trying to make their bonuses and promotions stand out from the crowd.

To access the no deposit bonus at most sites players must register and provide a few personal details such as name, username, password, a physical address and in some cases credit card information. Some bingo sites require players to make a deposit before the bonus kicks in. The bonus money is usually deposited into the players account after registration. Bonus funds may not be withdrawn but can be used to purchase bingo cards. At some sites players may use bonus money to play side games but policies vary from site to site. As always players should read and understand all of the terms and conditions associated with any bonuses or promotions.

Most bingo sites have wagering requirements before any winnings may be withdrawn. Wagering requirements have been the subject of numerous player complaints. This is usually because players have failed to read and understand the wagering requirements. In today’s crowded online bingo market operators are going out of their way to be customer friendly. For example in September Ladbrokes.com offered players a free £10 no deposit bonus. Ladbrokes has been in the bingo business for years and has a stellar reputation and is one of the oldest gaming firms in the UK. Most bingo experts say that bonuses will be with us for some time to come and will only get better as the competition between operators intensifies.