Online Keno Tips

Most internet bingo sites offer players a sizable collection of side games. Slots are especially popular and many players entertain themselves between games playing slots. In addition to slots there are usually several video poker games, roulette and blackjack. Some bingo sites offer bingo’s first cousin Keno. Most scholars believe that keno originated in China. The game was a hit and raised money for the construction of the Great Wall. Chinese immigrants introduced keno to the western United States in the 19th century. By 1866 keno was already popular in Houston Texas.

Online keno is much the same as the land based version played in casinos and the same rules apply to both versions. Like bingo keno is based on luck and games are random. Online keno tickets have 80 numbers marked on the card and the player must select the numbers they want to play. Keno players select their numbers before the game begins unlike bingo. The amount of numbers players are allowed to play varies from casino to casino. At most casinos and bingo sites players may play between 4 and 10 numbers. After selecting the numbers the player hits the ‘play’ button and the results are immediately calculated by a random number generator. Keno machines at live casinos operate in much the same way.

The games are much quicker when playing online keno because players do not have to wait for other players to select their numbers. Online keno players have more control of the game. While keno games are totally random there are still some strategies that can improve the chances of winning. Players get paid according to how many numbers are played and the amount of correct numbers. The house generates 20 numbers so if a player picks 10 numbers the chances of guessing all of the right numbers is less. Many experienced keno players say it is best to play between 4 and 8 numbers.

To win the top jackpot players must guess all 20 numbers correctly. While it may sound impossible it has happened. Keno is one of the easiest online games to play. Most internet bingo sites offer inexpensive keno games and cards can cost as little as 20 cents. Generally keno games are less expensive than most casino games. Players should always look for the best deals and bonuses and keno can provide players with hours of enjoyment.