The Increasing Popularity of Baccarat

Internet bingo players at European bingo sites have probably encountered Baccarat as a side game. For many people Baccarat conjures up images of James Bond playing the game at grand casinos in Monte Carlo and other European gambling hotspots. Historians believe the game was invented by an unknown Italian and first appeared at the court of King Charles VIII in France. Baccarat came to the United States via South America. Most Baccarat players are wealthy since the bets tend to be high.

There are four types of Baccarat; chemin de fer, European baccarat, baccarat banque and punto banco also known as American Baccarat. To play the game six to eight decks of cards are used. The number of players varies from six to twelve players depending which variant is being played. The rules are the same for all forms of Baccarat making the game easy to learn. There are two types of Baccarat tables; mini and the normal sized table. A mini table seats fewer player sand has separate markings. There are three terms that define the types of bets. These are; the banker, player and tie.

To play Baccarat it is necessary to know the hierarchy of cards. For example all aces have a value of one and tens and, unlike other card games, face cards have no value. If the cards have a total of more than ten the first digit is dropped. Nine is the maximum number players can have in their hands. There are three types of wins in Baccarat. The banker can win, there can be a tie. In Baccarat there is always a greater chance of a tie. Players must calculate the probabilities and the number of decks used and the order of drawing cards can vary the probabilities significantly. The house usually has an edge over the players.

Baccarat uses three people to deal cards over four rounds of betting. The casino dealer shuffles the cards and the main dealer puts the cards in the shoe. The shoe circulates in a counterclockwise direction around the table. Players place their bets and the cards are dealt. The main dealer places four cards face down on the table. The player with the largest bet gets to see the cards first. If the sum of the four cards is eight or nine the player wins. If the cards turn out to be similar there is a tie. The object of the game is to get cards as close to a score of nine. Many internet bingo sites offer this exciting game and players are sure to enjoy the excitement provided by a good game of Baccarat.