Tips For Finding Internet Bingo Jobs

Many online bingo players would also like to work in the industry. Since some of the jobs involve working from home they are particularly attractive to stay at home moms. During the global recession there was one industry that seemed immune from the effects of the sluggish economy; Internet bingo. From 2007 to 2011 internet bingo operators reported an 80% increase in players. Most believe this was prompted by the imposition of a national smoking ban in the UK in 2007. The rise in player numbers allowed the internet bingo industry to expand and create hundreds of new jobs.

The internet bingo industry has created jobs in several sectors including marketers, software and game developers, chat leaders, TV ad producers, security experts, customer support staff and several other related sectors. Current job listings at one major operator include a brand manager, customer retention specialist, affiliate executive, customer retention analyst and one more affiliate manager position.  Other positions listed in the internet bingo sector include a service delivery executive, Financial Controller, Compliance & Information Security Executive, Business Intelligence Technical Analyst, Management Accountant, Bingo Commercial Analyst and Bingo Player Development Manager position.

While many of these jobs require a university education and training some do not. For example the job of a chat leader does not require a college education and some positions pay well. For most internet businesses affiliate marketing is important. Essentially affiliate marketing is a rewards bases marketing strategy that pays one website for sending business to an online merchant of bingo site. If a new player visits the site via an affiliate and signs up and makes a deposit the affiliate receives either a flat fee or a percentage of the deposit. Affiliate marketing is relatively new and is a growing industry.

Chat leader positions are probably the most common job listings in the internet bingo sector. Chat leaders have many responsibilities and meet and greet players, monitor conversations, answers player inquiries, settle disputes, and make sure players have a good internet bingo experience. Chat leaders are on the front lines and represent the brand they are working for. Chat leader jobs usually have flexible hours and most work from home. For those looking for employment in the internet bingo industry the corporate websites of most operators will have job listings. In the UK a site called ‘workingmums’ sometimes lists online bingo jobs. Potential employees should have an up to date resume and meet the requirements and qualifications for the job.