What Happened to All of the Bingo Ads on Television ?

In a recent article an observer of the British bingo scene noticed a sharp decline in the number of television ads for internet bingo sites. Earlier this year one writer bemoaned the fact that there was hardly a television break without at least one or two online bingo ads. In a few cases internet bingo operators actually sponsored popular television shows like The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) and others. Some say that television advertising may be too costly for many bingo operators or they have seen no increase in player numbers after running the ads.

There are still some internet bingo operators that still run regular television ads. Foxy Bingo continues to run ads with their iconic ‘Foxy’ the Fox character. In a recent ad Foxy stripped down to his fur to promote free jackpot games. Jackpotjoy still runs regular ads on television and has started a new ad campaign with the theme of “just for the jackpot joy of it.” These are just two out of hundreds of other operators so what has happened?

As most people know, television advertising is anything but cheap. Ads can cost thousands of pounds for a single ad on commercial and cable television. Could it be that many online bingo brands cannot afford to run television ads? In many cases television ads are not effective. Many people find them annoying and boring and will mute the television until the ad is over or change the channel to see what else is on. Because of this internet bingo operators may not realize successful conversion rates from running expensive television ads.

Could it be that bingo sites don’t have to advertise because they already have large numbers of players? Some industry observers believe that promoting their brands on social networks like Facebook and Twitter is more effective and less expansive. Talking to players on these networks and getting them to communicate is free and bingo operators are taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by these networks. Facebook has over 900 million users worldwide so the potential can easily be seen. Bingo operators can advertise to millions of players without spending a penny.

Another factor in play is the seasonal nature of internet bingo. Player numbers drop as the weather gets warmer and summer is traditionally a slow season for internet bingo operators. Usually the number of ads increases as autumn approaches and the weather turns dreary and cold. Once the holiday season kicks in the number of bingo ads is bound to increase.