Bingo Games A Success on Mobile Devices

The UK has a decades old bingo tradition. Just about every town has its own High Street bingo hall. In the UK bingo is associated with massive bingo halls and in the 50’s many former cinemas were converted into magnificent bingo palaces. Bingo was especially popular at seaside towns like Brighton. In the 90’s bingo joined the migration to the internet along with poker. Today the online bingo sector is the fastest growing section of the online gaming industry and there are now over 400 bingo sites of varying quality online.

In the last few years the capabilities of mobile devices has grown and today’s smart phones enable players to take their online bingo games ‘on the road.’ Smart phones have made the internet more accessible so it is only natural that online gaming operators are taking advantage of the opportunities provided by smart phones and other mobile devices. ‘Social gaming ‘ has taken the internet by storm. Facebook hosts several popular online bingo games and games like Zynga’s bingo games have millions of regular players.

The appeal of social gaming is that it is quick and easy and players can play a game or two while waiting for a train or on their lunch break. As the name implies mobile gaming provides players with mobility and games can be played from anywhere with a signal. There are several things about bingo that appeal to players. These are:

1. Most mobile bingo games allow players to win real money.
2. Mobile bingo is affordable and accessible from just about anywhere. Many bingo players do not live close to a bingo hall of they may find land based games too expensive. Mobile bingo games offer low card costs and plenty of excitement and entertainment. Best of all mobile bingo is available 24/7.
3. Mobile bingo maintains the same sense of community offered by online bingo. Mobile players have access to all of the chat rooms.

In addition to bingo games many mobile devices are capable of playing the side games at bingo sites. Typical side games include video poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, keno, arcade games and slots. Mobile players can also take advantage of the bonuses and promotions at bingo sites. During the holiday season online bingo operators roll out their best promotions of the year!