Live or Online Bingo ?

Bingo has been a popular pastime for millions on the internet and off. The game has been around in one form or another for about five hundred years. While most people think bingo is a game for little old ladies nothing could be further from the truth. Today bingo is enjoyed by people of all age groups and the game has even attracted a sizable number of male players. Most players have different reasons for playing. Some like the social aspect of the game while other play for money. No matter what the reasons bingo will remain a popular pastime across different cultures and age groups.

There is a debate going on about how much internet bingo has hurt live bingo halls. When bingo migrated online bingo halls were in steep decline. In the UK tax policies and increased licensing fees caused the closure of dozens of High Street bingo halls. In the United States charities are having a hard time breaking even because of the steep decline in player numbers. Some players take the position that live games are best and that online bingo takes the fun out of the game. Older players tend to value the social opportunities provided by live bingo games. Many older players are not computer savvy and have serious reservations about playing online bingo.

In Great Britain online bingo has been a big hit among the young. The addition of mobile bingo has made the game even more popular with the young. Strangely, the popularity of internet bingo has been beneficial for brick and mortar bingo halls. A younger generation of bingo players has emerged. These players learned the game online and have started to attend live bingo games out of curiosity. One major bingo operator in the UK has invested millions of pounds in remodeling their bingo halls to make them more attractive to young players. Improvements include electronic tablets, improved food and drink selection and service and live entertainment.

For those with busy lifestyles online bingo is a perfect solution. No trips to local bingo halls are necessary and the games are available 24/7. For those that work long or odd hours internet bingo is a perfect solution. Although online players do not get the face to face contact of a live bingo hall they can still satisfy their need for socialization by using the chat rooms. Most bingo players today play a mixture of live and online bingo. Many in the bingo industry are predicting a turnaround for live bingo halls and the online bingo sector is constantly expanding.