Alabama AG At it Again !

Professional killjoy, anti-gambling extremist and Alabama attorney general Luther Strange is at it again. Strange continued his petty vendetta against VictoryLand in a different venue. Attorneys for VictoryLand and Strange argued about the legality of electronic bingo after Strange’s office contested the casino’s liquor license which reopened its doors after two years. Strange seems to be employing and vindictive tactic he can think of against Milton MacGregor, the casino’s owner. It is no secret in the state that Strange has been bought by the Poarch Creek tribe who gave Strange a $100,000 contribution.

Joe Espy, attorney for McGregor, rightfully argued that the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board was not the proper place to argue about the legality of electronic bingo. The machines at VictoryLand have been designed to comply with Alabama gaming laws but evidently that isn’t good enough for Strange and his minions.  Espy said that if there is probable cause for criminal activity Strange should get a search warrant and file charges. Espy stated “It is going to take a judge or a court to decide.” Deputy Attorney General Sonny Reagan said “the attorney general is making use of every opportunity he can to run this issue aground.”

Espy and state Sen. Billy Beasley are questioning why Strange is fighting VictoryLand’s liquor license but has questioned those at casinos owned by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. (Could that $100,000 ‘donation’ have anything to do with it?) At the hearing Strange’s minions showed an undercover video taken at VictoryLand. Agent Larry Crocker, who shot the video, said the games resembled slot machines. A witness for VictoryLand had actual evidence to show that the machines are legal and connected to a server to play a fast bingo game and that he spinning displays have “absolutely nothing” to do with game’s outcome.
Since the hearing was packed with VictoryLand supporters Strange was too cowardly to attend the hearing. Espy said he wanted to question Strange about why he hadn’t questioned the liquor licenses of the tribe that gave him $100,000. Espy said “I was going to ask him point blank you have not contested the Poarch Creek Indian license.” Strange has a habit of interfering in the privacy of Alabama citizens. Hopefully the voters of Alabama will have the chance to retire this extremist very soon!