Bingo 2013-A Brief Overview

Bingo games have been enjoyed by people of all ages for years. Many were first introduced to bingo through the home version of the game. Many attended their first game at a church or a charity event.  Because of the game’s long association with churches and charities bingo does not carry the same social stigma as casino gambling. In fact most people do not think of bingo as gambling and consider it more of a social activity. Internet bingo has made the game even more popular and has attracted millions of new players from around the world. Great Britain has the largest and most active internet bingo market in the world and British players enjoy a high level of consumer protections not available in other parts of the world.

The first internet bingo site appeared in 1996 and since then the online bingo sector has experienced massive growth. Increased broadband access, faster computer speeds and new software have all contributed to the success of the internet bingo industry. New bingo sites come online with astonishing regularity and over 400 bingo sites are out there competing for players. Only the best sites can survive in this highly competitive environment and less than reputable operators are quickly put out of business.

For players searching for their first internet bingo site there are dozens of reliable review sites that rate the bingo games, side games and customer service at internet bingo sites. Some review sites are set up by network and site operators but these are easy to spot because they only review sites in the same network and the reviews are usually limited to a few websites. Bingo review sites can be a real time saver for new players and can also help them to avoid unpleasant experiences.

Internet bingo players are relatively safe and there has been very little criminal activity in the internet bingo industry. In today’s highly competitive business environment it would be financial suicide for operators to engage in sleazy and dishonest tactics. Traditionally most internet bingo sites award very generous bonuses with first deposits. Deposit bonuses have been a staple in the bingo industry for well over a decade. There are always terms and conditions and wagering requirements associated with bonuses and players should always familiarize themselves with these. Most complaints are a result of players failing to read wagering requirements before trying to withdraw winnings.

Most experts say that internet bingo has a very bright future and will be with us for many years to come.