Bingo Hall Etiquette

As just about everyone knows bingo is one of the easiest games to play. Most of us were introduced to bingo at home or in school where it was used to teach several subjects. For many the love of bingo extended well into adulthood and today millions play bingo regularly. Some players prefer games at live bingo halls while others prefer the conveniences offered by internet bingo. Like any game bingo has its own set of rules. In addition bingo also has an unwritten code of etiquette that most players know. The rules are designed to make sure bingo games run smoothly. At internet bingo sites chat moderators enforce the rules and resolve disputes. While internet bingo does not have a lot of rules land based bingo halls have a strict code of conduct that is enforced.

Bingo players are a gregarious lot who will help new players learn the nuances of the game and the code of conduct. The first thing most new players notice is that once the game begins there is silence throughout the hall. The only voice heard is that of the caller. Players that talk during games will usually be given a warning and if the behavior does not cease they will be ejected from the hall. Players are trying to concentrate on the game and resent any distractions.

Newbies need to be on the lookout for ‘lucky’ seats. At some halls some players will only sit in certain seats believing it brings them luck. Many players consider their lucky seat to be their property and woe be to the player who sits in someone’s ‘lucky seat.’ New players that are asked to move should comply with the request. Some people have an irritating habit of repeating numbers after they are called. This can be distracting to other players and rest assured they will complain. Remember many players are playing multiple cards and must concentrate and move quickly without making any mistakes.

At most bingo halls children are welcome but it is the parent’s responsibility to control their behavior. Unruly, unsupervised children can get a parent ejected from the hall. Parents should bring along some sort of game or other activity to keep the kids occupied. Many bingo halls have special play areas for children and some allow children to play using ‘fun’ bingo cards to keep them occupied. Most bingo players are also mothers and are very understanding.

Players need to make sure they have a ‘bingo’ before stopping the game. Once bingo is called the game stops. Calling a false bingo disrupts the game. When there is a bingo the player needs to call bingo before the next number is called. After the next number is called the bingo cannot be claimed. For players that do not want to deal with the rules and regulations at bingo halls internet bingo is a great alternative. There are no lucky seats to look out for and the jackpots are usually larger. Busy moms can set the game on ‘auto pilot’ and take care of the kids and play bingo at the same time.