Bingo No Longer a Game for Old Folks

For people not familiar with internet bingo the game conjures up images of seniors and pensioners gathering with their walkers and wheelchairs in local bingo halls. In reality the stereotype may have some basis in fact but when it comes to internet bingo the demographics are quite different. In the UK land based bingo has experienced a revival. Several major bingo hall operators in the UK have revamped bingo halls to appeal to a younger crowd. In 2011 and 2012 Rank Group spent millions of pounds remodeling bingo halls across the UK to lure in younger players. Improvements include live entertainment and expanded food and drink service. Some bingo operators are promoting their halls as the ‘new night out’ for young female players.

Internet bingo is not designed for the geriatric audience.  In fact, most internet bingo players are under 50 and are relatively affluent. Internet bingo is for those familiar with modern technology although the game requires no special computer skills to play. In 2011 and 2012 several bingo halls hosted classes to teach pensioners basic computer skills. Program participants also had access to inexpensive refurbished computers. The goal of the program was to make the UK the most computer literate country in Europe.

Several surveys have showed that the fast pace of internet bingo and the sense of community make the game attractive to young players. Bingo is probably one of the easiest games to learn and play. There are no complicated strategies to learn and since bingo is a random game of chance each player has an equal chance of winning. Internet bingo operators are able to offer larger jackpots than land based bingo halls. Many internet bingo games are networked and there are several internet bingo millionaires in the UK.

Bonuses and player perks make internet bingo one of the most affordable games available. Players are offered generous bonuses with each deposit and VIP and loyalty programs help players to increase the size of their bingo bankrolls. Internet bingo players do not have to worry about marking their cards manually. Auto daub features eliminate the possibility of mistakes and players can multi task while playing. Today there are over 400 bingo sites online competing for players. Thanks to market forces and industry competition players have access to a vast array of promotions, bonuses and other programs designed to make bingo affordable to everyone. Online bingo has created a whole new generation of players ensuring the game’s survival well into the 21st century.