Common Internet Bingo FAQ’s

Just about everyone has played bingo at one time or another. Most of us are familiar with the home version of the game. Some have played bingo in school where it is used to teach a variety of subjects. When reaching adulthood some retained a love for the game and attended bingo games at local bingo halls, churches and fraternal organizations. In the United States bingo became big business after the Seminole tribe in Florida opened a high stakes bingo hall on their reservation in Florida. In the late 90’s internet bingo made its first appearance. Seventeen years later internet bingo is one of the most popular games on the internet. Many players thinking about making the switch and playing online bingo are bound to have some questions. Her are the answer to some of the most common questions asked by new players.

What, exactly, is internet bingo?
Internet bingo is the traditional game of bingo played on a computer. At most sites American (75 ball) bingo and British (90 ball bingo) are available and most offer side games like slots, poker and other casino games.

Why are so many people playing bingo on the internet? Isn’t it boring?
Internet bingo is fun, affordable and can be played 24/7. Internet bingo is more of a social activity for many because of the chat rooms where players from around the world talk and make new friends. Internet bingo is not a solitary pursuit. It is easy to get started and many sites offer free games for beginners. Jackpots tend to be larger than those at live bingo halls which make internet bingo even more attractive.

Is Internet Bingo Safe?
Yes it is and bingo operators have spent a great deal of money to ensure that players are safe from fraud and identity theft. Most operators must meet strict licensing requirements and game software must be tested for fairness. For financial transactions bingo sites use the latest encryption software.

How do I begin?
It’s simple; simply go to your favorite bingo site and register. In most cases the process is quick and easy and you will be playing in a matter of minutes! You will usually get a confirmation email with your user name and password.

How do I make a deposit?
If you are in Europe or the UK you can use just about any credit card. Americans may have to do a little research to find acceptable deposit methods. You will be awarded bonuses with most deposits but your first deposit, or ‘welcome,’ bonus will be the largest. Some sites are actually offering 500% first deposit bonuses.