Sound Effects at Internet Bingo Sites

One of the ways internet bingo sites make their games more interesting and exciting is the use of sound effects. Although the sounds vary from site to site most can be easily categorized. Some of the sounds will appear more than others and hopefully this article will explain just how internet bingo sites make use of sound effects.

The most common sound heard at all online bingo sites is the voice of the caller. The caller is responsible for announcing the numbers. Some sites use a mechanized caller but recently live callers have become popular. One website uses a webcam for their caller to announce the numbers. When a number is called the game software will mark it for you if you are using auto daub. Of course you have the option to mark your card, your cards, manually.

Some websites use special sounds to announce a winner. Fanfares and fireworks explosions are a commo0n way to announce a winner. Some sites may use simpler sounds like chords and beeps to announce a winner and at some sites the caller is responsible for announcing the winner of a game.

At some internet bingo sites sound effects are used to signify that a card number has been marked. If you have ever used Internet Explorer you will probably notice the similarity of the sound effects used when players mark their cards. A clicking sound is common when numbers have been marked.

At bingo sites with chat rooms a two note sound effect is used when you receive a private chat room message. Sites typically use a major third (for those with musical training) for announcing a private message. The sounds are meant to draw your attention to the message so you can reply promptly. Many players send private messages and occasionally the chat leader may want to send you a private message.

Chat rooms often use other common sound effects to make things more interesting. You may hear laughing if you typed in a joke of have typed in the letters LOL which stands for ‘laughing out loud.’ If you win you may hear a cheering sound effect. You will usually hear cheering if another player is congratulating you on a recent win. There are several sounds you are likely to encounter while playing online bingo. Bingo sites are constantly adding new features and sound effects to stay ahead of competitors.