What Do ‘Gangnam Style’ and Internet Bingo Have in Common ?

What could internet bingo have in common with the recent internet sensation ‘Gangnam Style?’ As it turns out they both have several things in common. For those few who don’t know about Gangnam Style, is a K-pop (Korean Pop) single by South Korean singer South Korean Park Jae-sang. (Also known as PSY) The song made its debut in July of 2012 and by December “Gangnam Style” became the first online video to receive over 1 billion hits. As of January 10th 2013 Gangnam Style has been watched 1.15 billion times on YouTube. The title Gangnam Style refers to the lifestyle associated with the Gangnam district of Seoul Korea. Like internet bingo Gangnam Style has achieved worldwide popularity. After watching the video the popularity of Gangnam Style is easily understood.

Like internet bingo PSY may not have achieved worldwide popularity without the internet and modern technology. Like internet bingo Gangnam Style arrived at the right time and the humor and easy dance steps helped to contribute to the video’s success. The horsey dance moves have been copied in just about every club and dance hall around the world. The rapid spread of the video is reminiscent of the spread of internet bingo. The first bingo site was launched in 1996 and games were free. Within seven years internet bingo had become a force to be reckoned with in the British gaming industry. Bingo had been popular at live bingo halls for decades but internet bingo attracted a new, younger group of players.

Bingo moved out from church basements and the ability to play from the comfort of home revolutionized the game. Much like Gangnam Style internet bingo has caused a viral effect. Viral marketing is something that most bingo operators were slow to adopt but the instant success of Gangnam Style clearly shows the power of viral marketing. Today most internet bingo operators have their own YouTube channel and post entertaining and amusing videos announcing current promotions and special games. Some have even posted tutorials on how to play internet bingo and winning strategies. The demographics of bingo are changing and bingo is no longer a game for pensioners. Like Gangnam Style bingo has reached a global audience and billions of online bingo games have been enjoyed by players around the globe.

Technology never ceases to amaze most people. Twenty years ago who would have imagined sites like YouTube where anyone can become a star. Without the internet we would not have online bingo or Gangnam Style. Styles are constantly changing and the internet is the force behind most of the changes. It can only be hoped that more Gangnam Styles are discovered in the future.