Alabama Attorney General At It Again !

It is probably difficult for most normal people in Alabama to understand Attorney General Luther Strange’s (Good name for a bluenose!) unreasonable and vindictive vendetta against electronic bingo. To cater to Strange’s demands one casino had specially designed bingo machines manufactured to conform to Alabama’s legal description of bingo. Without the slightest twinge of conscience or compassion Strange has closed casinos in areas with high unemployment and has put thousands of casino employees out of work. No apology has been forthcoming.

Now Strange has turned on a major campaign contributor; the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. It has been estimated that the band has donated about 100KI to Strange’s campaigns over the years. On February 19th Strange filed a lawsuit in Elmore County. The suit was filed the same day that VictoryLand casino was the subject of a violent raid by state troopers. General searches and raids of this sort result in unnecessary property destruction and theft by officials. Once again hard working VictoryLand employees will be out of work. Strange, who could care less about the damage to the local economy he has caused told reporters in a self-serving statement “Today’s actions are the culmination of an investigative process over the last several months. From my first day in office, I have worked to ensure that illegal gambling laws are enforced consistently across the state.”

Now Strange has turned on his so called friends. Strange asked the National Indian Gaming Commission to stop the Poarch Band from operating electronic-bingo machines. In 2011, he asked the commission to declare electronic bingo machines off limits for the tribe saying that since they were illegal in Alabama they should be illegal in Native American casinos. The commission said that since bingo is legal in Alabama the Poarch Band has the right to operate bingo games in whatever format they choose including electronic. It would appear that bluenose strange forgot about a little thing called tribal sovereignty.

In 2012 Strange pursues his vendetta against those satanic bingo games and asked the commission once again to shut down the Poarch Band’s electronic bingo games. In a politically motivated press release Strange said “I have sent two letters to the National Indian Gaming Commission, asking them to stop the Poarch Band’s unlawful gambling, but the Commission has refused to do anything about it. The Commission’s inaction has left me with no choice but to file this lawsuit.” It makes one wonder why Strange is wasting millions of dollars of taxpayer money pursuing a personal vendetta against bingo? Hopefully the taxpayers in Alabama will make their feelings known!