Internet Gambling Market Tendencies

Internet gambling has shown consistent growth over the past few years and the trend is expected to continue. 51% of the world’s population indulges in some form of gambling every year generating billions in revenues for operators, shareholders and governments. Players have come to expect high quality games and customer service from internet gaming operators. To remain competitive operators must add new features and the latest system updates. The online gaming market can be broken into three parts; Software vendors and game developers, site operators and front end customers.

Since 2003 the internet gaming market has grown by 23% annually making it one of the few bright spots during the global recession. The growth of internet gambling is driven by increased internet penetration, and new markets opening because of regulation and liberalized online gaming laws. Since 2004 the number of women on the internet has increased by 80% and the number of men by 60%. In the UK women account for about half of all internet gamblers and dominate the internet bingo and slots sectors.

There are several types of players who have different reasons for gambling. Some play for entertainment, some to win money and some for relaxation. No matter what the reason it is essential the operators to pay attention to the various preferences of players. The range of ages among players has become larger as interest in online gambling increases. In the past the typical image of a player was a man aged 25 and 35. Today in some countries women account for half of all internet gamblers. Women are also credited with driving the rapid growth of mobile gaming.

In the past women showed a marked preference for ‘soft’ games like internet bingo but today women are participating in other forms of gambling including poker which was once considered the domain of men. Women tend to play longer for lower stakes while men will play for higher stakes in shorter gaming sessions. Men play for excitement while women play for relaxation. This is why internet bingo is so popular with women; it offers a social atmosphere and is relaxing.

Internet gambling is generating some big bucks. In 2012 estimates put gross gaming revenues globally at about $400 billion USD. In Great Britain the 2012 gross gaming yield was about $800 million USD and the numbers are constantly increasing. Most experts say that online gambling has a very bright future ahead!