A Gambler’s Guide to Casino Etiquette

Knowing how to play games like Blackjack isn’t enough for your success as a professional gambler. There are other non-gambling aspects you should be focusing on, especially casino etiquette. Without this knowledge, your wins will be empty since you won’t have anyone to share it with you. Besides, if you don’t comply with them, chances are that you will be kicked out of the casino before you can load your pockets with wins. So, to enjoy your casino experience to the max, keep in mind the following basic casino etiquette rules.

Each game has its own rules of conduct which players should know. Craps is probably the richest when it comes to etiquette, but it isn’t the only gambling activity which requires a few rules. So, make sure to look these up before heading to a casino.

Be Wary When Gambling With Kids

One of the main reasons people head to the best casinos in Europe, is to get rid of the main causes of stress and have a good time. Though you may not be able to keep your kids at home, you should make sure that they don’t bother gamblers while they play. Even if you’re just pushing a stroller, you should keep it away from the carpet and any of the games or else someone may ask you to leave.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Only in movies will you see loud gamblers with huge crowds cheering them up. Real life casinos would rather you stay quietly within your group. Also, most casinos encourage their visitors to not draw attention to themselves since there are others playing there and they may not take lightly to being distracted.

Don’t Become Too Friendly with the Help

Just because the casino staff is friendly doesn’t mean that its members are your friends. It is part of their job to make sure that you have a friendly, smiling face to greet you and make you feel at ease. So, don’t hit on or strike friendships with the staff since the casino will always come first for them.

Don’t Become an Overzealous Tourist

If you’re new at a casino, you may want to click as many pictures as possible to share via social media. However, most casinos have rules against their visitors taking photos. In addition, your flash’s glare can be distracting to other players, and you don’t want that to happen.

Save Your Seat but Not for Long

If you need to take a break, make sure that it remains short. Also, to ensure that no one takes your set, inform the dealer before leaving the table and place the back of your chair against the table to conceal your chips. If you’re at the slots machines, place an upside down coin cup on your chair or the machine’s lever.

Don’t Forget to Tip the Staff

Though tips aren’t mandatory, they are an important part of casino etiquette. You should give your cocktail waitress at least $1 for every one to two drinks you order. As for your dealer, give them a few dollars, or chips if you won big, to thank them for their service. These workers are on minimum wage, so helping them after they’ve provided excellent service should be on your to-do list.

Avoid Counting Your Money in Public

Counting money in the open is one of the frowned-on acts most gamblers indulge in. Not only is it a rude gesture in front of those losing their money, but it can also alert pickpockets to try going through your pockets. So, either check your money at home or a bathroom stall if you’re in such a hurry.

So, the next time you visit a casino, make sure to try these etiquette rules for the perfect gambling experience.