Seniors Protest Loss of Bingo Games

Everyone knows that seniors and pensioners take their bingo games very seriously and are prone to wrath when those games are threatened. Recently in New York a petty bureaucrat said that a group of seniors that held regular penny bingo games would have to pay over $400 for a state gaming license! The bureaucrat was without compassion or mercy and the seniors were forced to end the games. Many said that the games were their only chance to get out among friends and socialize. In Manatee County Florida residents of a trailer park for seniors were upset after a bluenose complained and the games were shut down.

Several dozen angry seniors staged a demonstration to protest new restrictions on their beloved bingo games. Seniors held signs and placards that said “Bingo IS Legal,” “Let Our Seniors Play Bingo,” and “This IS Elder Abuse.” The protestors shouted at passing cars that honked their support. Park residents said they were told by park officials that the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office threatened to shut down the games because they constituted ‘gambling.’ Busybody and bingo opponent Bev Lew told reporters “I take issue with them spending government money to gamble. I don’t want us to have a line item budget for 36/40 bingo, 50/50, or Vegas Night. It’s illegal for a government to use your tax money to gamble with, and when you gamble with tax money, you put us in danger of losing our community property.”

Gary Leboeuf, a bingo supporter and advocate for freedom stated “They want to stop people from playing bingo. Everything this park does is very negative on their part. They love harassment…they get up in the morning with hatred on their mind. What they want to do is treat us like we’re criminals, like we’re breaking the law every day and we’re not.” After legal discussions the park’s board told the bingo players that the games could continue but winners will now get prizes instead of cash. Despite the compromise the players were still unhappy and held their demonstration.

The case is somewhat similar ton another bingo ban in Bald Knob Arkansas. In the Bald Knob case religious extremists complained about weekly bingo games held at the town’s senior center. Unfortunately the extremists were successful in pressuring the town council into banning the games making them illegal. Professional killjoy Viola Moore was one of the complainers. In a statement that can only be described as astoundingly self-righteous Moore said “This is a Christian community and we don’t go along with certain things. I was there when we had the (council) meeting and I said ‘Hallelujah.'”

Seniors in Bald Knob and Florida may want to try internet bingo. Bingo fans can play their favorite game in the privacy of their own homes free from the prying eyes of self-righteous nutcases!