Casino Tricks Revealed

Today casino developers consult with psychologists when designing a casino. Most casinos are designed to keep players inside isolated from the world outside the casino. While some of the tactics used by casinos are obvious others are subtle. Casino operators want players to feel comfortable and casinos are designed to part players from their bankrolls.

Most players never notice that casino have no clocks. That’s because casinos want players to lose track of time and spend more money. In most casinos dealers are told not to wear watches. Most casino visitors are on a vacation and are not paying attention to the time. In the UK players must be informed of how much time they have spent gambling and casinos must encourage gamblers to take breaks.

In some casinos there may be windows near the entrance and exit but inside the casino there are no windows. This goes hand in hand with the no clocks policy. Once the casino has players inside they want them to forget about the world outside. If players could see whether it is light or dark their internal clocks would kick in and tell them it’s time to move on and casinos want to prevent this from happening.

Casinos are designed to stimulate players with a dazzling array of flashing lights, turning slots wheels and change clanging. Casinos count on flashing displays to help players forget about the time or the amount of money they have spent.

Most casino services are strategically located. Players that want to use the restroom get something to eat or cash out their chips must walk through the entire casino to access these services. Retailers use the same techniques to get customers to make an impulse buy while walking through the store.

Some casinos provide players with free drinks as long as they are playing. Players who drink too much make bad decisions and lose more money. In many casinos cocktail waitresses walk around the casino floor with a tray full of various drinks. Serious gamblers rarely drink while playing.

Casinos will go to great length to cater to the whims of high rollers. Big winners are comped rooms, meals and in some cases transportation. The casinos hope big winners have such a good time that they forget about their losses and play more giving the casino more chances to win its money back. A large portion of casino resources are dedicated to catering to the whims of high rollers.

Some gamblers prefer to avoid all of the casino tricks and play at online gambling sites. Players have access to games 24/7. There are several internet bingo sites for players that prefer ‘soft’ gambling. Even better there are no expensive drinks to buy and most games are kept affordable.