Mobile Bingo is Heading For Your Device

Not too long ago, bingo was seen as an escape once you returned home from a long days work. You would kick off your shoes and site down with a glass of win, or a beer and play to your hearts content. Playing either before or after work is not the norm anymore. It’s not uncommon to see folks fiddling around with their phones during lunch break playing a quick game of 90 ball. Speaking of 90 ball, check out the new online bingo promotions at www.paddypower.com.

More and more bingo operators are turning to mobile platforms to keep customers playing no matter where they happen to be. On the subway, in a cab or even on an airport runway! A few short years ago we would think this odd, to see one playing bingo on their mobile. Players have put down the news paper, shut off the kindle, and are turning their attention to online bingo.

There are so many distractions at home anymore. The kids running about, dinner to cook and not to mention after supper chores. It can be hard to find time to cozy up to the PC. Next time they’ll enjoy mobile bingo from Paddy Power on iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. It seems to be much less of a commotion.

Even with all of the rushing around found in today’s society, we’re still able to kick back relax and enjoy some great bingo!