Former Alabama AG Creates New Bingo Game

At one time former Alabama attorney general Troy King was a major player in the great Alabama bingo debate. In 2000 King found himself in conflict with Governor Riley, an anti-gambling extremist. Riley contended that there was no difference between electronic bingo games and illegal slot machines. King took the position that the state had approved several constitutional amendments that made the bingo games legal. King’s office issued an opinion based on previous federal court rulings that said that electronic versions of common games are legal.

Recently news reports revealed that king has created a new game that he says is legal in Alabama. King stated “Nobody I know has played bingo on a craps table.” King’s new form of bingo is called “O-craps!” King explained “You would purchase bingo cards, and you use felt on the table which looks like a craps felt. You would be issued a bingo card, so let’s say it corresponds to the number six. You would have all the numbers that the digits added up to six.” King said his game meets class 2 gaming requirements which make the game legal in Alabama.

King said he would only place his game in tribal casinos because he doesn’t trust the state. The current attorney general is another anti-gambling extremist and has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars and resources trying to shut down bingo in the state. King told reporters “I have no confidence in the regulators of Alabama. That’s a sad thing to say.” VictoryLand casino invested heavily in electronic bingo games designed to conform to Alabama laws but that wasn’t good enough for current attorney general Luther Strange. In February Strange’s minions raided VictoryLand and seized over 1,000 bingo machines and a large sum of cash. Strange wants the machines and cash forfeited to the state.

King described his disagreement with former Governor Riley and told reporters “I’ll tell you what I told my good friend Bob Riley back then. Gatorade looks like anti-freeze. You better be careful what you are drinking. The consequences can be very, very serious. King said that several amendments allow bingo machines in certain counties. He said that Riley disregarded the amendments when he ordered the raids. King said “A lot of people have said you’ve got a gambling table, so you must be compromised. I’m not compromised. I can read, and I know what the law says, and I know what is being done to people.”

King roundly criticized current Attorney General Luther Strange and said “I think people in Alabama are fed up with it. I think they are tired of the constant raids. I think they are tired of the drama. I think they are tired of everyone looking at Alabama and saying what are these people doing. Is this the most important issue facing Alabama: if we going to play bingo?”  King said he created the O-craps! game about a year ago and is marketing it to casinos not located in Alabama. Maybe in the future King will release an internet bingo version of his game.