Jackpotjoy’s Snap Bingo and the Lingo To Use

Online Bingo and other online games will almost always have a chat option available. For a person that is new to Internet or new to that type of gaming, it may seem a little confusing and it may look like gibberish.

What has been done, is that the most common things to be said in the environment have been broken down into shorter versions or acronyms. This is to make it easier for a person to chat and play at the same time.

The most interesting part is that the gaming sites or the chats sites never developed this. It was developed along the way by the patrons themselves. This all started in the chat rooms of the past and continued into almost every version of chat software.


One of the most confusing parts of online and Bingo chat is the use of acronyms. They may seem confusing, but they make a crazy kind of sense. Things like lol for laugh out loud and gg for good game are very common. Ty for thank you is another commonly used term that can be found in the Bingo chat rooms.

Getting help with the most confusing parts is easy. The Internet is filled with sites that lay out the most common and there are always the others in the chat rooms to help you out. Never be afraid to ask a question, there may even be another person that has been hesitant to ask and now they have the information because you stepped up and took the reins.

If you are a little embarrassed, you can always wait until an un-busy time when there are fewer people around and ask then. You can even private message someone that you have seen using the lingo and ask them. Before too long, you will be a champ at Bingo and a champ at Bingo Lingo.

Do not forget that while Bingo is a very simple game, there are intense variations that can be confusing to some people. Even traditional Bingo can confuse a newcomer that thinks they have a hold on the game and then hears something like the next game is going to be “Postage Stamp”.

Next Level

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This is one of the best Bingo site that we have seen in a long time and the action makes a game that may have become a little boring in the past virtually jump off the screen. Give it a try today.