Druggie Banned From Bingo Hall

Bingo halls can be pretty entertaining and are great places for people watching. The clientele are no longer limited to pensioners and occasionally things can get pretty rowdy! In recent years there has been an influx of younger players which adds to the entertainment factor at bingo halls. Occasionally some pretty strange behavior takes place. Recently a drug addict was banned from entering a Mecca bingo club after he was caught injecting himself in the club’s restrooms.

Stephen Greenhorn ducked into the restrooms at a Mecca bingo hall. Greenhorn was under the influence of drugs and imagined he was being pursued by police. Security staff at the hall spotted Greenhorn and confronted him. Greenhorn then threatened the security staff with an uncapped hypodermic needle. Greenhorn told Mecca security “Don’t come near me” and “Don’t open the door. I am going to stick this in my veins.” The police were called and when they arrived Greenhorn told them to go away and let him inject himself.

Officers repeatedly told Greenhorn to drop the syringe and when they opened the toilet door Greenhorn had his trousers round his ankles and was attempting to inject himself in the groin area. He waved the syringe at officers and continued to try and inject himself. One of the responding officers hit Greenhorn’s hand to stop the injection. On May 14th Greenhorn at Edinburgh Sheriff Court Sheriff Frank Crowe told reporters “This really is as sick as you can get.”

Greenhorn, now a prisoner in Saughton, pleaded guilty to two charges of breach of the peace at the Mecca bingo hall on April 13th. Defence solicitor Elspeth McPartlin told the court that Greenhorn had successfully completed a Drug Treatment and Testing Order back in 2007 and had been drug free. Greenhorn managed to get a job that he enjoyed but was laid off. McPartlin said that Greenhorn got another job as a cleaner at Edinburgh Academy and said that the job lasted until December 2012.

After losing his job Greenhorn lost his housing and began sleeping on the streets. The lack of accommodations led to his “dabbling in illicit drugs” and he lost his job and girlfriend. McPartlin said her client was using cocaine and amphetamines. McPartlin stated “He began suffering from paranoid delusions. He became convinced he was being pursued by CID officers. They were, in fact, looking for friend of his. He was convinced he was being taken into custody and decided to take an injection before being arrested.” Greenhorn’s family said he would be welcome at the family’s home. The judge sentenced Greenhorn to 15 months of probation and banned him from the bingo hall for 12 months.

While incidents like this are not common at most bingo halls some players would probably feel safer playing internet bingo. Players can access games from the comfort and security of their own homes. The jackpots are usually larger too!