European Gaming Operators Target US

The recent legalization of internet gambling by a few US states is changing the industry. In 2012 the size of the European interactive gaming market was $30 billion annually. According to Juniper research mobile gaming alone is expected to generate $100 million by 2017. Until recently European online gaming operators flourished while American operators were prohibited from establishing online gaming businesses. After the legalization by three states (Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada) European gaming companies are setting their sights on the US.

Although internet gambling is illegal in the US Americans spend about $6 billion annually at offshore websites that are not regulated and pay no taxes in the United States. One Hour Translation, one of the largest online translation services, said it has received several requests by operators for localization of gaming sites and platforms to American English. Yaron Kaufman, VP Marketing of One Hour Translation, stated “in the past 8 weeks 80% of them started projects aimed at localizing their sites to accommodate American users.”

The internet gambling industry relies on localization services to promote their games and services. Research has shown that players are more likely to gamble on the internet with real money if the site is localized to the native language and dialect. In most cases European operators can localize their sites to American English in less than a week. Operators say the conversions outweigh the costs. Most gaming operators have their own localization departments while other use WeST, the localization service from One Hour Translation.

WeST  significantly lowers the cost of creating a localized version of any website. One Hour Translation is one of the web’s leading translation services. One Hour Translation employs a community of 15,000 translators and offers services in 60 languages. Most gaming experts agree that there will be a high demand for translation and localization services once the American gaming market takes off. Currently ten states are considering the legalization of internet gambling. Operators include casinos, internet bingo operators and poker sites. This is a good example of how the internet gaming industry is creating jobs in peripheral fields.