Spot the Rogue

It should come as no surprise that every day thousands of new players sign up at internet bingo sites and casinos. To handle the demand new gaming sites are launched weekly. The increase is easy to understand. Online casinos do not require a lot of overhead compared to brick and mortar casinos. There is no physical plant to maintain and a large staff is not required. Online marketing is inexpensive and effective for operators. Operators have invested a lot of money making it easy for players to sign up, play games and withdraw winnings. Unfortunately the large amounts of money generated by online casinos have attracted the attention of cyber-criminals.

Many rogue casinos are near duplicates of legitimate gaming sites. For the uninitiated it can be difficult to spot a rogue casino but there are some characteristics potential players can look for. Website layout and spelling and grammar can betray a rogue website. Legitimate operators have invested a lot of time and money on website design, designers and content writers to produce a top quality website. Rogue gaming sites usually are disorganized and the content has a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. During the last two years rogue operators have improved their English skills making rogues harder to spot.

Players should look for the eCOGRA logo on the website. eCOGRA members must adhere to high standards of conduct. In the past some scammers have used fake eCOGRA logos but players can check the legitimacy of the logo by contacting eCOGRA at the organization’s official website. New players should try to find reviews written by real players. Past and current players are probably the best source of information about any gaming site. Keep in mind that anyone can set up a review site or blog so make sure the review site is independent and legitimate.

Spam is another characteristic of a rogue website. In most cases spam will come from the site’s affiliates. Most legitimate operators do not want to alienate their players by inundating them with annoying spam. Spam is a highly unprofessional marketing strategy and an indication that the site is less than honest. There are a few legitimate watchdog sites that can provide players with current information. Casinomeister is probably the best known watchdog site. Casinomeister maintains a current list of rogue gaming sites and the list is updated frequently.

A legitimate operator will be more than happy to answer questions. If a site avoids answering questions it is best to move on and find another site. By doing a little bit of research players can save themselves a lot of grief and money.