Tablet Bingo Attracts a New Generation of Players

Mobile Gaming Firms Hope to Enter US Mobile Market Gaming When many people think about bingo they envision a room full of pensioners in a smoky High Street bingo hall or parish hall. Thanks to new technologies that stereotype has been destroyed forever. A generation gap remains in place. Older players display a strong preference for games at brick and mortar bingo halls while younger players prefer online or mobile games. The popularity of smart phones and tablet devices has attracted a new generation of avid bingo players.

Thanks to mobile devices internet bingo is booming again and players can access games from just about anywhere in the world. Players can easily download mobile applications, enter their details and start playing in a matter of minutes. Today most bingo operators are investing huge amounts of time and money to provide players with high quality mobile and tablet bingo games. Operators hope the applications will attract new players and retain existing ones.

Even land based bingo halls are adopting new technologies. Some bingo halls have introduced tablets that allow players to use several new features such as auto daub. The move has been well received by players from all age groups. Mobile bingo is an increasing market and by 2015 mobile bingo will have a 30% market share. By 2015 tablets will generate bingo revenues of over $100 million annually. Surveys have shown that 67% of tablet owners use the devices to play games. The mobile market shows no signs of slowing down. Companies like Apple and Android are developing new technologies that will maximize game play.

Thanks to mobile devices people can play bingo on buses and trains, at the beach, on work breaks and even while hiking in wilderness areas. Many feel it is only a matter of time before companies line Samsung and Microsoft launch mobile gaming applications. At this year’s annual Online Bingo Summit in London companies like Google and Facebook were represented. Bingo is one of the most popular and played online games so it should come as no surprise that large companies are interested in the industry. Bingo is no longer a game for oldsters and one study showed that online bingo is the most popular leisure activity for women 18 to 30.