Tablet Bingo Attracting a New Generation of Players

A lot of people think of bingo as a game for little old ladies. While this may have been true in the past the addition of modern technology has created a new generation of players. In the UK bingo hall operators have revamped their halls to attract younger players. Some bingo halls have added live entertainment, music and DJs.’ Technology is changing the game and today internet bingo is popular with young ladies. One survey showed that in the UK bingo is the chief leisure activity of young women in the 18 to 25 age group. Over three million people play online bingo twice or more a week in the UK.

The popularity of iPads and other mobile devices has made mobile bingo extremely popular. Internet bingo is booming thanks to mobile applications. Some experts say that sites that don’t adopt mobile technology will remain behind the pack. Players can now play their favorite games from anywhere in the world thanks to smart phones and other mobile devices like tablets. To remain competitive internet bingo operator are investing heavily in current state of the art mobile technology. Mobile bingo is a rapidly growing market especially in the UK.

Some gaming experts say that by 2015 mobile bingo will earn a 30% market share. They also say that by 2015 tablets will generate revenues of over $100 million annually. Currently 67% of all tablet owners use the devices for gaming. The mobile market shows no signs of slowing down so it should come as no surprise that companies like Apple and Android are creating new ways to facilitate gameplay. Players that have 3G on their smartphones can use the internet anywhere a signal can be received worldwide. There are many signs that internet bingo is still growing.

At the latest Bingo Summit held in London companies that attended the event included such giants as Google, Facebook Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and several other large gaming operators. Online bingo provides players with low stakes fun and in some cases the jackpots can be life changing. There are already a few bingo millionaires in the UK and several players have won large sums of money playing slot games at internet bingo sites. In December 2012 one very lucky player won £5.8 million after placing a 30p bet. The huge prizes have attracted players from all age groups and the bingo industry shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.