Why More Women Are Playing Internet Bingo

Every day millions of people log on to their favorite gambling site to play games. The action is nonstop and takes place seven days a week twenty four hours a day. Believe it or not online bingo is one of the most popular games on the internet. A majority of players are women but the typical online bingo player is usually younger than players at live bingo halls. One study done in the UK showed a clear generation gap when it comes to the choice of bingo games. Older players prefer live games at bingo halls and younger players prefer internet or mobile bingo.

Modern conveniences and appliances have reduced the amount of housework for most women. Players have more leisure time than ever thanks to modern technology. Many women use this extra leisure time to play internet bingo and other gambling games. In addition to bingo games bingo providers offer slots, poker, blackjack, keno, scratch off games and other casino and table games. All of these games give players the chance to win extra money and in a few cases online players have won life changing amounts of money. One very lucky player in the UK won over a million pounds on a 30 pence bet! The woman formerly worked as a cleaner but today she lives in a mansion and drives a luxury car.

Today there are more chances for women and men to win fabulous cash prizes at internet bingo sites. Networked bingo sites routinely offer huge jackpots and players can win hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a single bet. Internet bingo is probably one of the most affordable gambling games on the internet. Game cards can be purchased for as little as a penny and card costs for big money games rarely exceed $5.

Most online bingo players say they like the social aspects of the game. One survey showed that financial gain is a secondary consideration for most players and most players are more interested in socializing than winning. Chat rooms are popular and some chat leaders have achieved cult status. In fact, some players will only play when a specific chat leader is on duty. The introduction of mobile bingo has attracted many new players. Mobile bingo players are usually young and very tech savvy. One UK study said that women are more adept at using mobile technology than men. Most industry observers say that mobile bingo will be responsible for most of the growth in the bingo industry.