Britisn Bingo-Why is it so Popular ?

Just about everyone in the bingo industry knows that bingo is one of Britain’s favorite games. The game is played everywhere in the UK by young and old alike. Bingo halls were a cultural fixture in the 60’s and 70’s, sometimes referred to as the ‘golden age’ of bingo in the UK. Bingo halls were always packed with eager players out for an evening of fun. When bingo went online in the 90’s it created a sensation in the UK, Japan and the United States. Today almost four million UK residents play internet bingo regularly and thanks to mobile bingo that number is growing. Just a couple of years ago internet bingo was the fastest growing sector of the UK internet gaming industry.

Bingo is one of the easiest games to play and internet bingo operators have made it even easier. Players can now use the auto daub feature and focus on chatting with other players. Auto daub automatically marks the cards and players can step away from their computers while playing and multi task. If a player wins while away from their computer the feature automatically informs the player and transfers any winnings into their account. Playing bingo has never been easier.

Most online bingo games are for low stakes. This allows fans to play for hours without having to spend large amounts of money. At many sites cards can be purchased for as little as a penny. Cards for high stakes are priced higher but are still affordable for most players. The rewards can be great and there are a few online bingo millionaires living in the UK. Many online bingo sites offer free games with real cash prizes. New players can learn to play the online version of bingo without risking any money. Bonuses make the game even more affordable.

Online bingo enables players in the UK to socialize with players from around the world. While socializing is discouraged during games at live bingo halls players are actually encouraged to socialize during games at online bingo sites. Bingo sites are now very similar to social networking sites. This creates a strong sense of community among online bingo players. The monetary rewards can be amazing. Serious players can win life changing amounts of cash. Bingo sites are open 24/7 so the chance to win is always available.