Royal Birth Lucrative For Bookies and Internet Bingo Sites

In the UK sports betting is legal and very popular. In the online gambling world in the UK nothing is out of bounds to bet on as the recent royal birth demonstrated. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was due to give birth and British punters were wagering on a variety of baby related topics. The hottest topic for gamblers was the baby’s name. The odds were highest on names traditionally popular with royalty in the United Kingdom. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power had Alexandria as a favorite with odds of 7/4. In a news interview Rory Scott, the public relations manager at Paddy Power, told reporters that Alexandra is Queen Elizabeth’s middle name. It is also the name of Prince William’s godmother.

Other choices included “Charlotte”, “Victoria” and “George” and were offered at odds of 5/1. Diana the name of Prince William’s mother had odds of 12/1. Some betting companies had fun coming up with names like Wayne and Fergie after the star Manchester United footballer. Ladbrokes had the most amusing selection of names to choose from. “Tulisa”, after the pop star, was offered at odds of 500/1. Psy, the name of the Korean rapper and “Gangnam Style” artist offered very long odds of 5000/1. The Queen’s parody Twitter account offered ‘tips’ for betting on the royal infant.

The ersatz queen backed “Brian” the former guitarist for the rock group Queen and “Elizabeth”, after the infant’s grandmother. The parody queen said it was a “difficult job” naming the baby. The fake queen wrote “One has to think not just of the fashion now, but that this little thing is going to be a monarch in the future. And you can’t really have a Head of the Commonwealth called Julie, that’s all one’s saying.” Bookmakers offered a number of different baby related topics. Paddy Power took bets on what age the royal baby will be photographed in a nightclub. Paddy Power offered choices of 16 –or-under or 17-to-18 years of age.

Gamblers could also place bets on the royal infant’s future career, the name of its first girlfriend or boyfriend, its birth weight, its first word and the hospital where it will be born. Bookmakers were not the only ones having fun with the royal birth. Internet bingo sites targeting the UK ran promotions related to the royal birth with special jackpots and prizes. Some even offered royal baby deposit specials. Bookmakers said that the royal birth was their biggest non sporting event handled by the bookies.