Top 10 Celebrity Bingo Players

Bingo is no longer considered a game for pensioners and the elderly. Today’s bingo games are lively affairs and in the UK bingo callers have developed their own “bingo lingo.” Many modern bingo clubs feature tablet devices that keep track of the called numbers automatically. The devices also eliminate the possibility of a player calling ‘bingo’ mistakenly. It should come as no surprise that many celebrities, especially those from the UK, are big bingo fans. Bingo is considered a part of British culture and the game has been incredibly popular since the dreary postwar years.

Pop singer Robbie Williams has been very outspoken about his love for bingo. Christiano Ronaldo used bingo to help him learn English and Catherine Zeta-Jones is a well-known bingo fanatic. The internet revolution has made bingo more popular than ever. Today there are about 350 internet bingo sites to choose from. One very lucky player, John Orchard, won £5.88 million from a 30p bet! Here are the top 10 celebrity bingo players.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is first on the list and loves bingo so much that she made her own set of bingo balls and cards. Every Christmas she entertains her family with custom made bingo games. Her husband, Michael Douglas still thinks bingo is a ‘bizarre’ game.

Kate Moss in another bingo fanatic. Although her private lifestyle is controversial she was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Her close friend Sadie Frost says that Kate spends her Saturday nights playing bingo with her children.

Pop star Robbie Williams loves bingo. He loves to play bingo for charity. Robbie’s preferred gam is 90 ball bingo.

Denise Van Outen is a well-known bingo fan and is often seen at bingo clubs in her home town of Essex.

U2 frontman Bono used to have a stake in a Dublin café called Mr Pussey’s that is occasionally used as a bingo hall. According to one friend Bono used to watch people play bingo from the gallery and entertained friends like Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington.

Russell Crowe loves bingo. Crowe sometimes plays bingo for fun and used to be a bingo caller in his native Australia. Crowe got fired for making up rude alternatives to traditional bingo calls.

Sharon Osbourne, wife of rocker Ozzy, is a real bingo fanatic. Sharon even has her own game on a well-known internet bingo site. She is also an expert on the game.

Footballer Christiano Ronaldo loves to play bingo. He was given a DVD bingo game to help him learn English. Ronaldo said of bingo ‘It can be very exciting because you can be there waiting for a long time for just the one number to make the game complete.’

Friends star Courtney Cox is another celebrity bingo lover. She loves to play bingo with friends Paris Hilton and Rickki Lake.

Rumor has it that Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger occasionally hosts bingo parties at his palatial home.