Bumbling Bingo Hall Bozos Arrested

Most bingo games take place without incident. There may be occasional verbal altercations but physical violence is rare among bingo players. Most commercial bingo halls are a mostly cash business. This makes them an attractive target for some criminals who believe they will encounter minimal resistance while robbing a bingo hall. Last week two MENSA rejects found out the hard way that robbing a bingo hall is not easy and bingo players are not easily intimidated!

Last Saturday some bingo players got more excitement than they bargained for. According to police a father son team entered the bingo hall and threatened to blow it up with 300 players inside. Charles Preston, 46, and his son Justin Preston, 20, are charged with trying to rob the Eagle’s Wings Function Center in Nashua New Hampshire. Evidently the pair had been in trouble before and a prosecutor cited numerous bail defaults and probation violations. The judge ordered the father held on a $75,000 cash only bail. Prosecutor Evelyn King said “This is clearly a gentleman who calls out for a $75,000 cash only.”

The Prestons’ entered the bingo hall after the break and players were beginning the second game. Janet Berry, who plays bingo at the hall often, told reporters “I heard a scream, then a commotion over by the office. Then someone yelled something about being robbed. Oh yeah, it was scary, very scary.” Berry said that at the time a man and woman were in the office and the scream was the woman’s reaction to seeing the gun. The employees that confronted Preston were not in the office at the time but quickly subdued the elder Preston.

Preston’s son Justin was outside the hall yelling ‘let him go, let him go” according to witnesses. The elder Preston was clearly not a very good or particularly bright criminal. While in the office Preston pulled the trigger twice on an apparently unloaded gun. Preston put the gun down so he could load the money into a cooler he had brought and it was then that employees made their move. They disarmed Preston. Justin Preston was outside serving as a lookout and his suspicious behavior attracted the attention of a passing police officer. Police arrived and the pair was arrested for robbery.

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