Different Bingo Games for Different Countries

Bingo has been a popular game around the world for decades. The internet has expanded the game’s reach and today millions play online bingo around the globe. Since the game is popular in so many countries several variants of the game are played. The modern version of the game was invented in the United States and traditional 75 ball games are dominant in the United States and Canada. In the UK the game has been a favorite since the dreary postwar years. In Britain the 90 ball version of the game is preferred and historians say 90 ball bingo bears a close resemblance to a traditional Italian holiday game called Tombola.

The 90 ball version popular in the UK is the preferred game in the former colonies of Australia and New Zealand. The game is known as ‘housie’ in most former British colonies and territories. The 90 ball bingo card has 15 numbers. The numbers are divided into three rows with 5 numbers and 9 columns. There are four blank spaces in every row. The online version is a duplicate of the live version played in bingo halls in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The numbers are chosen by a random number generator. In the UK operators are required to have their game software tested regularly for fairness and randomness. Online players can purchase several bingo cards or ‘tickets’ as they are known in the UK. Most bingo sites based in these countries also offer traditional 75 ball games in addition to 80 and 30 ball games.

In the United States and Canada 75 ball bingo is the game of choice. American and Canadian bingo cards have a total of 25 numbers. The cards have five columns and rows and a free space in the center of the grid. The system used for calling the numbers is similar to the one used in the UK. Online bingo sites targeting the US market usually offer 75 and 90 ball games. Currently online gambling in the US is in a legal grey area although individual states may launch their own online gambling operations. After the passage of a draconian law in 2006 most UK based internet bingo sites withdrew from the US market to avoid prosecution. There have been several attempts in congress to legalize online gaming but so far all have failed.

Spain is the newest internet bingo market. Currently the governments of Gibraltar and Spain are feuding over the building of an artificial reef by Gibraltar. In Spain most sites offer 90 and 27 ball games peculiar to Spain. In the beginning there were language difficulties but these have been overcome.