Don’t Get Ripped Off by Bonus Offers

Just a few short years ago there were only about 20 online bingo sites. Today estimates run as high as 350 active internet bingo sites. With so many sites targeting the same player pool the competition has gotten fierce. The most common strategy for attracting new players has been the use of deposit bonuses. At most sites the first deposit receives the largest bonus. Some sites offer bonuses as high as 500%. So if a player deposited $100 at a site with a 500% bonus they would start out with $600 in their account. Naturally the bonus money cannot be withdrawn. Internet bingo sites are in business to make money not give it away!

Most bingo sites spend lots of money on television ads touting their generous bonuses. In the UK there is hardly a commercial television break without at least one ad for an internet bingo site. While the bonuses may be tempting they should be taken with a grain of salt. There are always terms and conditions associated with any bonus offers. If a bonus offer seems too good to be true it probably is. Some experts say that players are better off avoiding the large bonus offers. There are lots of ways bingo operators take advantage of players.

Wagering requirements can be extremely deceptive and can render the most generous bonus worthless. Most sites have a terms and conditions page that can be easily accessed. The wagering requirement is usually determined by adding the deposit to the bonus money and then attaching a multiplier. The lower the multiplier the better the offer. High multipliers can make it virtually impossible for the player to ever fulfill the wagering requirements. Multipliers of 3x to 5x are probably the fairest and multipliers over 7 to 10 should probably be avoided.

Wagering requirements can be extremely deceptive. For example at some sites side games don’t count towards fulfilling the wagering requirements. Players need to remember the highest wagering requirements will be extremely difficult to meet. Players should always read and understand the terms, conditions and wagering requirements and should never settle for unreasonable requirements. In many cases it is better to make a deposit without taking advantage of the bonus offer. Players should check to see if they can deposit under the required bonus amount. With industry competition so fierce players should never settle for second best!