How Bingo Creates Jobs

Over the years the online and offline bingo industries have created tens of thousands of jobs. Many are directly related to bingo such as game callers, bingo hall workers and maintenance staff. Other jobs are not directly linked to the games. These jobs include bingo hall suppliers, the manufacturers of bingo equipment such as cards ball cages and other necessary bingo equipment. In the online bingo industry jobs directly related to online games include chat room leaders, live game callers and tech support and customer service staffs.

Jobs not directly related to the games include marketers, the producers of television commercials, writers, gaming consultants, and lawyers that specialize in gambling law. For example when Frances Landrum plays bingo she takes her “bingo bag” with her. The bag contains colored daubers, and her good luck charms; a wishbone from a chicken, a ceramic cat and pictures of her grandchildren. Her bingo bag also contains ‘lucky chips’ to place on needed numbers and other assorted bingo paraphernalia. All of these items must be manufactured and sold creating jobs in the process.

At St. Mary’s of the Lakes Catholic Church in Eustis Florida Vivian Ryan, who runs the games, d3escribes some of the good luck charms used by players ‘Trolls are very popular. Some like unicorns, little animals or elephants. I have two trolls in my bingo bag – a big one and a little one, depending on how I feel.” Once again these items must be manufactured and sold. Businesses like Bingo World in Umatilla have sprung up to supply bingo halls and players. The shop sells several novelty items such as troll dolls, troll doll daubers, t shirts that read ”My number was next,” lucky number bingo balls with clips to hold admission cards. Bingo cards are a top selling item.

Laurie Storey, who owns Bingo World with her brother, Bill Brown, told reporters ”Bingo is very popular, and it is a business with lots of changes. Nothing stays the same for very long.”  Tony Laszaic, who manages the Bingo King supply house in Orlandoalso supplies bingo materials. Bingo halls go through thousands of cards every night. Laszaic said players want everything from cigarette lighters to earrings with a bingo motif. Some suppliers also supply the expensive computerized equipment used in several bingo halls. Internet bingo players purchase good luck charms and other items to use while playing online. On the average each bingo players spends about $25 a night and most bingo halls hold more than 200 players. It would appear that today bingo is big business and has created job opportunities for thousands.