Study Shows Online Gamblers Impatient

According to a new study by Experian showed that internet gamblers are an impatient lot especially poker players. Poker is a game that requires patience and skill to be successful and while poker players can be exceptionally patient while playing the study found that players do not have the same amount of patience when it comes to lengthy ID checks at online gambling sites. The Experian study found that players subject3ed to ID checks lasting more than four minutes will abandon the process and go elsewhere to play. No doubt the report came as a surprise to many online gaming operators who consider ID checks as consumer protection measures.

Rob Meakin, the market development manager at Callcredit Information Group, told interviewers “It comes as no surprise that online consumers are not prepared to wait for verification processes to complete – though it does come as quite a shock that four minutes is the threshold of their patience.” Experian studied ten sectors and found that online gambling patrons showed the lowest levels of tolerance for long ID checks. People dealing with matters related to insurance and mortgages displayed a willingness to wait longer than online gamblers and would wait as long as nine or ten minutes.

In today’s modern age when people are accustomed to taking care of business transactions quickly on the internet waiting for an excessive amount of time can cost internet business customers. In some cases the long delays are not the fault of the gaming operator and may be due to a slow or bad internet connection. Internet speeds vary widely throughout the world. Nick Mothershaw, Experian’s director of identity and fraud, stated “Identity verification is becoming an increasingly important part of egaming operations, particularly as the online industry for this sector grows. Our research shows that egaming businesses are at risk of losing out on trade as thousands of consumers are taking their custom elsewhere. It is therefore vital for online gaming outlets to make sure the transaction process is as fast and simple as possible.”

What many players, including internet bingo players, find annoying are sites that process deposits in just a few seconds but require a long drawn out process to withdraw any winnings. While the process is slightly different that the ID verification process it is just as annoying to players. The study pointed out a need for online gaming operators to streamline their ID verification processes. While four minutes does not seem like such a long time it can seem like forever to players sitting in front of a computer screen.