Delaware Sets Online Gaming Launch for October 31st

The state of Delaware has announced that their online poker site will go live on Halloween. That’s about one week away and Delaware will be the first state to offer casino games in addition to poker. On April 30-th Nevada launched the first online poker site in the United States. Nevada has decided to limit online gambling to poker for now. Delaware will not have all of the games available for the October 31st launch. When asked if things were going smoothly prior to the launch of online gaming operations Delaware Lottery Director Vernon Kirk told CardPlayer “It has been a challenge. I think smoothly might overstate the case. It is a pretty big technological challenge and our schedule has been pretty aggressive. There are just a lot of moving pieces to this. All of the stuff that the public will never see, but stuff that is really important.”

Kirk said it may take some time before the full menu of games is available in Delaware. Delaware has a population of under a million and the state has not received the widespread publicity than online operations in neighboring New Jersey. New Jersey gambling sites will go live on November 26th. Kirk told CardPlayer what games will be available on Halloween “We are doing poker. Some video lottery terminals, some video poker, some slot machines. We are kind of restricted right now because of the integration piece to our service provider, which is 888 Holdings. So we are restricted to those games for launch. They are working with other game content providers for integration, but it will still be awhile.”

The question of interstate gaming compacts was brought up and Kirk told reporters “We have had conversations with both states (Nevada and New Jersey_) , and it’s a little bit too early in the process to project how that is going to work out. My guess is that, certainly with Nevada, they are definitely anxious to compact with us, and us to them likewise. Once we get up and running we will be pursuing that more aggressively. Right now we are just concentrating on getting our site up. But that will be one of the very first steps we take after launch.” It appears that internet bingo players may have to wait awhile before the game is available in Delaware. In the meantime there are several internet bingo sites that accept American players.