Mobile Bingo Doing Well in the UK

While land based bingo halls are in real trouble in the UK internet bingo revenues continue to increase. Right now UK bingo giant Gala is trying to sell its bingo halls without much success. A few years ago Mecca bingo embarked on their ‘full house’ campaign and spent millions remodeling several bingo halls. Recently the Rank Group, which operates Mecca bingo halls, announced that is was cancelling the ‘full house’ program because of an inadequate return on the company’s investment. Just a few short years ago statistics said there were about 3 million regular internet bingo players in the UK. Today the numbers have increased, thanks to mobile bingo, and there are now about 4 million regular online bingo players in the UK.

Out of those 4 million players 50% play at least once a day. Today the UK bingo market is estimated to be worth eight hundred million pounds and is one of the fastest growing bingo markets in the world. Player numbers are still increasing thanks to mobile and tablet bingo. The same kind of growth took place in the sports betting sector when mobile betting apps were released. Today most of the major bingo operators offer mobile apps and several app stores are offering mobile bingo applications. In the sports betting sector 50% of all wagers are placed using mobile devices.

Experts say that mobile bingo growth is set to outstrip and growth in the desktop sector. Players love the convenience of mobile bingo and do not need a desktop or laptop to play. This means that bingo fans can play their favorite game from anywhere a signal can be received. One recent report pointed out that most people check their mobile devices at least 34 times a day so the potential of mobile bingo can easily be seen. According to one report the average internet bingo player is female, about 38 years old. About 80% of all mobile bingo players are women and the number of men playing internet bingo is increasing. Some sports betting firms are building bingo into their betting apps.

Most industry insiders expect bingo revenues to increase this year and in 2014. They also say that mobile bingo will become increasingly popular over the next few years. Some believe that at some point mobile bingo revenues will become greater than those at desktop based bingo sites. Some say it is just a matter of time before mobile players have access to streaming games from live bingo halls.