Mobile Gaming Companies Eye US Market

Internet bingo enjoys widespread popularity in Europe and America. The UK bingo market is usually a harbinger of things to come. Mobile bingo was introduced just a few years ago and today about half of all bingo players in the UK use mobile devices to play their favorite game. Mobile gaming is now well established in the gaming industry. Experts say that mobile gaming will drive industry growth well into the future. One study done in the UK showed that mobile users checked their phones an average of 34 time a day so the potential for mobile bingo and gaming can easily be seen. Factors responsible for the growth of mobile gaming include reliable 3G connections and the increase in Wi-Fi availability.

Some experts say that online and mobile casinos receive more visitors than their brick and mortar counterparts. One recent study said that in 2011 mobile gaming generated about $20 billion and that by 2017 that figure may increase to $100 billion annually. Internet gaming has already overtaken the land based gaming industry in the number of visitors and revenues generated. Mobile gaming expert Andrew Daniels said that in the near future more players would access games from their mobile devices instead of desktops and laptop computers. Daniels believes that the gambling industry will be dominated by smartphones and tablet devices.

In the United States three states have legalized internet gambling and more are expected to legalize the practice next year. Nevada has limited internet gaming to poker but New Jersey and Delaware plan to offer a selection of casino and table games. Some experts believe that the Smartphone industry will double in size by 2016. Currently a lot of mobile casino manufacturers are watching developments in the United States closely. Gaming operators are always looking for new opportunities and the emerging US market could provide them with unprecedented opportunities.

Charles Cohen,  a former political speech writer and founder of Probability, told reporters from Reuters news agency that within two years half of the US population will live in a state that allows players to access casino games on their smartphones, tablet devices, desktops and laptops. Mobile gaming, including bingo, is rapidly spreading globally. In New Jersey a bill in the legislature could set up a nationwide framework for internet gaming. Nevada already has a law that allows the state to provide gaming services to other states using interstate compacts. Once internet gaming is established in the US mobile gaming is sure to follow.