Survey Shows Women Want More Free Time With Friends

The latest research done in the UK is not good news for husbands in the country. A survey showed that 46% (almost half) of all women surveyed would rather spend time with women than with men. A third of those surveyed said they could discuss serious issues more easily with their female friends. Participants said they could share clothes, debate the calorie count of cocktails, and are equally discussing the latest political scandals or gossiping. Four out of ten women would rather spand time with ‘the girls’ than their husbands.

The recent research also showed that most women would rather spend a day off with friends enjoying a good gossip. For husbands it gets much worse. 46% of the women polled said that women were better company than men and they prefer hanging out with their girly friends. A third of those polled said they can discuss serious issues more comfortably with their friends and one fourth said their friends know ‘the real me.’ One in five said their girlfriends are more interested in their activities than their husbands or boyfriends.

The poll showed that 24% would rather spend their free time alone. The survey showed that the typical woman had one hour and fourteen minutes to herself a week. 75% said they loved peace and quiet and 38% said they loved having the house to themselves. Half said that it would be their only chance to watch television and surf the internet undisturbed. 77% of the women surveyed said they treasured their time alone. One third said time alone was rare and one in ten said they never had the house to themselves.

The survey found that one in six women purposely spend time away from home with friends. They said bickering and a lack of common interests were the reasons. 13% of those polled said they had manufactured a situation to get out of the house to spend time with friends. The survey was done by one of the UK’s largest internet bingo operators. The information may cause some operators to switch their marketing tactics. Unfortunately the age of those surveyed was not revealed. It is a well established fact that well over 80% of all internet bingo players are female and how operators will use this new information is anybody’s guess.