All About Auto Play

When playing land based bingo marking several cards can quickly become a headache. Some bingo halls call the numbers fast in hopes that players will miss marking the numbers on their cards. A good part of live bingo games is trying to keep up with the caller and arranging the cards in an efficient way. Many halls will vary card patterns several times. Fortunately this is not possible while playing 90 ball bingo. Players at bingo halls must be careful how they arrange their cards so they can mark them quickly.

Online bingo players do not have to worry about marking their cards and keeping up with the caller. The risk of missing a number has been eliminated. Some internet bingo sites allow players to purchase as many as 50 cards for one game. If a player in an offline bingo hall tried to play 50 cards at once the results would be disastrous. Online bingo gives players the option to use auto play or mark their cards manually. Most internet bingo players choose auto play so they can focus on the conversation in the chat room. At most internet bingo sites each game has its own chat room.

Most players that mark their cards manually do so as a matter of personal preference. Some players enjoy the challenge of finding the numbers on the card and marking them before the next number is called. Manually marking the card may be limiting because even seasoned players find it difficult to mark several cards at once. Most players playing multiple cards use the auto play feature. The auto play feature keeps track of the called numbers and will inform the players if they won. At some sites the auto play feature will tell the player which card is closest to winning.

Players that like to play as many cards as allowed are always better off using the auto play feature. Players marking several cards can easily fall behind and a mistake could cost them the game. The auto play feature is essential for those with a faulty or unreliable internet connection. Once players log into to their accounts and start playing the auto play feature will record all activity even if the internet connection is lost. Sitting in front of a computer for hours can be tiring and the auto play feature enables players to take breaks now and then.