Internet Bingo and Social Media

Although the internet has shaped the way we shop, gather news and information, do research, pay bills and gamble there is no escaping the fact that humans remain social creatures. Social interaction is important to most people and only the most misanthropic would disagree. Conducting business and searching for pleasure online is convenient and allows us to save money. The internet has even changed traditional business models. For example online retailer Amazon ships products from central locations saving money. The company then passes along the reduced expenses to consumers around the world.

For gamblers who crave social interaction internet bingo is a perfect solution. Although communication at internet bingo sites is not face to face players at bingo sites have developed a sense of community that most live bingo halls would envy. Once chat rooms were added at internet bingo sites the rate of industry growth skyrocketed. In fact study after study has shown that most players consider the social aspect of internet bingo much more important than any financial gain. Online bingo games are not competitive in the same way that online poker games are.

Internet bingo players are usually younger than their land based counterparts. To attract these younger, more affluent players several bingo halls have been revamped. Unfortunately the attempt to lure young players has been largely unsuccessful. A few months ago Rank Group, of Mecca bingo hall fame, announced that they were suspending a program designed to lure younger players. Internet bingo games give players the opportunity to socialize during games. At live bingo halls talking during a game will draw the ire of other players who may find it distracting. People have actually been ejected from bingo halls for talking during a game session.

Thanks to auto daub internet bingo requires less concentration that games at brick and mortar bingo halls. Players can easily focus on the conversation and gossip in the chat rooms while playing. Chat rooms have been around for over a decade. Some chat leaders have attracted a following and some players will only log on when a certain chat leader is on duty. Internet bingo has kept up with the times and social media have been extensively used by bingo operators. At some sites players can use social media to socialize during games. Internet bingo sites offer just about everything a player could want.