Internet Bingo Fraud ?

Just like any other growing industry internet bingo has had its share of troubles. In the past players have reported deceptive practices by some operators. Offshore unlicensed sites were the source of most complaints. Since the UK and Europe liberalized their gambling laws and created a highly regulated gaming market. Unfortunately the US took a prohibitionist approach and players are at the mercy of unlicensed and unregulated offshore gaming sites.  Things are changing in the US and three states have legalized online gambling.

Players have complained about ‘ghost players’ for years. A ‘ghost player’ is very similar to a house player at brick and mortar casinos. Usually ghost players are a robot and today operators use them at their own peril. Competition is keen and no operator wants to acquire a bad reputation. There are well over 350 internet bingo sites and operators know that players will go elsewhere if they are deceitful. In the UK, which has some of the strictest regulations in the world, authorities monitor bingo sites so closely that any kind of fraud is impossible. During the past five years there has only been one major scandal associated with internet bingo. An employee of a company hired by a major internet bingo operator stole player details and tried to sell them to a competitor. Much to his credit the competitor turned him in and the man is now serving a prison sentence.

Internet bingo is seen by most as a soft form of gambling. In fact several studies have shown that most people in the UK do not think bingo is a gambling activity. Bingo gives players a chance to have some fun and win a little money at the same time. Today most player complaints are the result of a misunderstanding of the terms and conditions associated with promotions and bonuses. Most of these are resolved satisfactorily.  Some players complain that they are not being paid. There are usually two reasons for this. The player may not understand all of the rules. Some sites have complex terms and conditions that are not easily understood by players.  There may be an irregularity in the player’s account and site management may ask for special identity checks.

Today most licensed operators in the UK and Europe follow strict guidelines and regulations. Some of these sites still welcome American players. The days of boiler room operations are long gone and some of the companies are publicly traded. Bingo site operators go to great lengths to avoid any sort of scandal and players at European are guaranteed a safe internet bingo experience.