Land Based vs. Online Slots

In Las Vegas slots are the backbone of the gambling industry. Recent figures from the University of Las Vegas Center for Gambling Research show that during the first six months in 2013 63% of Nevada’s gaming revenue was generated by slots. In the UK conditions are similar. Bingo hall operators say that about 70% of their income is generated by slot games known as ‘fruit machines’ in the UK. Slots are so popular in Las Vegas that the city has 197,000 slot machines. Just about every casino has row on row of slot machines. Because slots play a crucial role in Las Vegas’s 1700 casinos cater to every possible taste.

In Las Vegas players can find classic three reel slots known affectionately as ‘one armed bandits.’ Casinos also feature modern five reel slots with multiple paylines. Statistics from the Nevada Gaming Control Board show that higher denomination slots have the highest payout percentages; about 94%. Penny slots have a payout rate of 89%. Progressive slots have the worst payout percentage at 84% although the huge jackpots make up for this. Choosing a slot game is difficult for many players because of misinformation and superstitions about slots.

Some people believe there are ‘loose’ slots that payout frequently and ‘tight’ slots that rarely pay out. Some people won’t play slots overlooking a restaurant, on the way to the pool, giant slot machines and slots located near table games. Many believe casinos place certain slots in predetermined locations for maximum gain. Some believe casinos place ‘loose’ slots in locations where they will be noticed. Online slots can offer players the excitement of Las Vegas without having to leave the comfort of home.

Most internet bingo sites feature a wide selection of slots. Slots are available in a variety of themes. During the Christmas season online bingo sites and casinos roll out their holiday themed slots. Holiday slots usually make their appearance after Thanksgiving and continue well into January. Online players can be confident that all slots are above board. Reputable sites have their game software tested regularly and operators have no influence over the outcome of any game. Online slot developers can create new games faster than manufacturers of land based slots. Many online bingo operators say a significant percentage of their income is generated by slots and other side games.