New Report Says Bingo Still Growing in the UK

While other industries are suffering in the UK there is one that is generating more money every year. That industry is the bingo industry and given the popularity of bingo in the UK the news comes as no surprise. A report released this year showed that bingo spending is still growing in the UK and about 50% of all active bingo players are playing at least once a day. The growth of internet bingo is continuing thanks to young players accessing games on their mobile devices. Internet bingo operators followed the lead of sports betting sites and created mobile bingo apps. Statistics show that over 50% of all bets are placed using smartphones and other mobile devices.

Experts say that in a couple of years more players will be playing bingo games on their mobile devices than on desktop and laptop computers. Mobile bingo makes the games more accessable and players do not have to search for a computer to play. Better yet games can be played from anywhere a signal can be received. Most of the major internet bingo brands now offer mobile apps. The report also says that currently there are over 4 million regular internet bingo players in the UK and the numbers are growing thanks to mobile bingo. The UK bingo market is one of the largest and most active in the world.

The report says the average age of the typical internet bingo player is 38. This destroys the old stereotype of the typical bingo player as an elderly pensioner. Over 80% of all bingo players are women but more men are starting to play bingo. Men who wouldn’t be caught dead in a bingo hall happily play internet bingo. Even some sportsbooks are starting to offer bingo apps to men. In the UK slightly over half of all online gamblers are women. Men prefer sports betting and women prefer slots and bingo. Industry insiders say bingo revenues will increase in 2013 and 2014. Mobile bingo is sure to increase in popularity and at some point in the future revenues from mobile bingo will outstrip revenues generated by desktop and laptop bingo.

Some bingo experts envision streaming live games from bingo halls in the very near future. The technology is already in place but a few details must be worked out first. Bingo is constantly evolving and who knows what the future will bring.