What is a Bingo Network and How Do They Work ?

Networks are an essential part of the internet bingo industry. Like linked games in land based casinos prize money can quickly accumulate to astounding sums. Networks also make it possible for new internet bingo sites to link up with an existing player pool. Since prize pools are usually determined by the number of players in a game networks benefit players. Players should learn about bingo networks because chances are they are playing on a site linked to a network.

It is surprising that many players know nothing about networks. A bingo network is a group of several sites that pool resources like players and prize money and use services in a central location. For example if site 1 has 5 players and site 10 players and site 3 has 30 players for a total of 45 players. If they were playing at standalone sites each would receive prize money based on the number of players in the game. If they are playing at networked sites the player pool is the sum total of all players. As can be easily seen networked sites have larger jackpots.

Players at the three sites don’t need to know about the players at the other sites since each player has entered the game through their home sites. All of the services including the chat rooms and banking services are provided by the central location of the network. The arrangement benefits players and operators. Bingo operators can use the network’s “white label” services and players benefit by playing for larger jackpots. In 2004 there were twenty internet bingo sites and today there are about 350. Most of these sites are part of a network. There are some large standalone sites like Mecca and Virgin but these are exceptions rather than the norm.

Most networks offer would be operators “white label” solutions. A white label solution is a site ready to go. In the US this is known as a “turnkey operation.” Although each site may have its own graphics on the home page the game pages swill be the same as those on other networked sites. In most cases operators write their own content of hire someone to do it for them. For new sites networks offer a way to get a site up and running immediately. Different networks are of different quality. Some offer spectacular service while other are only average. Networks will remain important to the industry for many years to come.