A Demand For Daubers ?

People collect some pretty strange things. One gentleman has a collection of antique handcuffs and another collects antique surgical instruments. One man has a collection of old chocolate wrappers and some are over 100 years old!   One of the world’s strangest collections resides in Michigan City Indiana. Gilbert Ellis, an avid bingo player, has a collection of 2,100 bingo daubers. A long time ago bingo markers were simple. People used corn, beans and other things to mark the numbers on their cards. Back then bingo cards were printed on heavy stock and were reusable.

Today’s bingo cards are printed on thin paper and are disposable. When disposable cards became the norm the bingo dauber entered its golden age. Today the card numbers are selected by a computerized random number generator and printed. Players use daubers to mark their cards and the daubers are filled with see through ink. The first daubers were pretty basic and consisted of a tube filled with in and no decorations. Today’s daubers are fancy and can have many themes.

Ellis has quite a collection and believes his collection is the world’s largest. Ellis’s wife Jeannine is also an avid bingo player and plays more often than her husband. In a recent interview Ellis told reporters “They have them for all kinds of occasions. For Christmas and Valentine’s, and even St. Patrick’s Day.” Name just about any theme and chances are Ellis has a bingo dauber to match. Ellis is a retired inspector for a steel firm and now that he’s retired he can devote more time to his dauber collection. Before any dauber goes intio Ellis’s collection he empties the ink because “otherwise they might leak.”

In 2012 Gilbert and Jeannine celebrated their 45th anniversary. Jeannine told reporters “We have been playing bingo together for just about that long.” Ellis plans to display his collection at a local American Legion post. Today players can still find colorful daubers at bingo halls around the world. There are dozens of websites that sell extensive selections of bingo daubers. Despite the immense popularity of internet bingo there is still a great demand for daubers. Players at internet bingo sites have the option to use auto daub which marks the cards automatically. Players like this feature because it enables them to focus on the conversations in the chat room. Even though internet bingo is taking over there will still be a demand for bingo daubers.